Abbott Northwestern Hospital Transportation Hub

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Series 180 W.B. Tneme-Crete providing protection against weather, driving rain and alternate freezing-thawing for buildings & parking garage.

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The typical parking garage takes a lot of punishment – weather exposure, moisture penetration, salt corrosion, UV light, graffiti, acid rain, and abuse to name a few. Plus, it must be user-friendly with good lighting, inviting, well-marked, convenient and safe. Tnemec coatings can make a significant difference in how long parking garages last, how clean and attractive they look, and how user-friendly and safe they are for patrons. It is for these reasons Architects and Owners turn to Tnemec Company for the longest lasting, most sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions to reduce maintenance painting cost throughout the life of their facilities.


Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis recently completed its new Transportation Hub garage adding 1,600 new parking stalls across seven levels of parking with direct access to the hospital. Over 6,000 gallons of Tnemec Series 180 Enviro-Crete was used on all exposed concrete as a labor-savings single, high-build coat to protect surfaces from degradation as well as providing light reflectance for safety.    

ANW Ramp

Abbott Northwestern Hospital Transportation Hub


Tnemec-Crete’s attributes include:

- Single high-build coat up to 10 mils

- Superior adhesion

- Dry-fall properties protect surroundings from overspray

- Alkali resistant, can be applied to 7-day old concrete

- Applied down to 40F surface temperature

- Formulated to resist mildew/fungus/mold growth - keeps surfaces cleaner and improves life

- Excellent freeze/thaw resistance - resists cracking due to seasonal thermal cycling


On metals, Series 90-97 Tneme-Zinc, provides long-term corrosion control through the power of galvanic protection. Tneme-Zinc contains 83% zinc pigment by weight in the cured film, providing galvanic protection that can double, even triple the service life of the steel. It has the added benefit of being compatible with a wide range of performance-based topcoats from Tnemec.

ANW Skyway005 copy

Abbott Northwestern Hospital Skyway


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_144f copy

CRTV Ramp, Anoka, MN





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