Safeguard your investments with superior corrosion protection.

Reliable High Performance Coating Consultation

Every corrosion problem has a unique coating solution. Let our team support your selection of the right coating system, free of cost and obligation!

Market Overview

We provide coating systems and technical support for potable and non-potable water tanks.

Providing reliable coating consulting and solutions by selecting and specifying the surface preparation and coating systems that return long life and low cost of ownership.
Market Overview
Water & Wastewater Treatment

Corrosive environments require high performance coatings to protect assets and reduce maintenance.

Our coatings and linings support will maximize the coating life cycle, reduce maintenance painting and lower your overall ownership costs.
Market Overview

Specifiers turn to us for the longest lasting corrosion protection and the most sustainable aesthetic finishes.

We reduce maintenance and maximize investment in the architectural industry by providing specifications that deliver the highest performing products and systems.
Market Overview
Processing & Manufacturing

Scheduled plant maintenance requires careful selection of coating systems to meet exposures, schedule and budget.

We help facility owners, consultants, and contractors find the right coating systems for their specific needs, expectations, schedule, and budget.
Market Overview

High performance linings and coatings improve operational efficiencies by protecting assets and reducing downtime.

Industrial facilities benefit from high performance coatings and linings which can protect assets, reduce downtime and improve operational efficiencies.
Market Overview

Our recommendations help marine asset owners and operators manage condensation and control corrosion.

Our group makes recommendations and writes coating specifications for ship owners and operators, to help manage condensation and control corrosion.

Serving All Segments of the construction and design community

Key stakeholders who need reliable consultation can turn to High Performance Coatings to solve and avoid corrosion problems.

  • OEM
  • Engineers
  • fabricators

From specification assistance to on-site coating assessments, High Performance Coatings offers the protection you need, and always at NO COST TO YOU!  We do not charge for these services.

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