Grand Canyon Skywalk

Discover the remarkable Grand Canyon Skywalk project and its intricate painting work. Learn how high-quality coatings protected against corrosion and maintained its visual appeal.

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The Grand Canyon Skywalk, owned by the Hualapai Tribe, is a remarkable glass and steel structure extending 70 feet out over the majestic Grand Canyon. This extraordinary project required intricate painting work to protect against corrosion and maintain its visual appeal. The general contractor for this endeavor was Abseilon, and Fine Point Finishing was entrusted with the painting responsibilities.

The project involved the following critical components:

Surface Preparation: The project adhered to high industry standards with both SSPC SP2 (Hand Tool Cleaning) and SSPC SP3 (Power Tool Cleaning) methods, as sandblasting was not a viable option.


Primer Application: To ensure long-lasting corrosion protection, the team applied Tnemec Series 135 Chembuild primer. This unique epoxy mastic is loaded with corrosion inhibitors and designed for surface-tolerant applications.

Finish Coat: Preserving the structure's color and gloss was essential. The finish coat selected for the Grand Canyon Skywalk was Tnemec Series 1072 Fluoronar, renowned for its exceptional resistance to weathering.

Unique Stage Construction: A specialized stage was constructed to provide access to the steel and glass structure, tailored to the project's unique requirements.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk painting project encountered several challenges:


Remote Location: The project site's remoteness added complexities in logistics and access.

Harsh Environmental Conditions: Extreme weather conditions, including high winds and temperature fluctuations, required a robust coating system.


Unique Structure Design: The cantilevered glass and steel design necessitated a specialized approach to achieve precise and uniform coating.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk painting project is a testament to the skill and dedication of the Hualapai Tribe, Abseilon, and Fine Point Finishing. The use of superior Tnemec products for coating ensured effective corrosion protection and long-term color and gloss retention. This project exemplifies a successful partnership between accomplished contractors and high-quality coating systems, addressing the complex demands of a unique structure in a challenging environment.

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