WSU Potable Water Tank

Coating Consultant:TNW, Inc

The WSU Water Tank is a vital component of Washington State University's infrastructure, providing clean and safe drinking water to the campus community.

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WSU Potable Water Tank - Ensuring Clean and Reliable Water Supply with Tnemec NSF 600 Coatings

The WSU Potable Water Tank is a vital component of Washington State University's infrastructure, providing clean and safe drinking water to the campus community. To maintain the highest standards of water quality and protect the integrity of the tank structure, NSF 600-approved Tnemec coatings were selected as the ideal solution. In this project profile, we will delve into how the application of Tnemec coatings contributed to the successful implementation of the WSU Potable Water Tank project.

The WSU Potable Water Tank project aimed to provide a reliable source of clean drinking water for the university campus. The construction of a robust and corrosion-resistant tank was crucial to ensure the longevity and safety of the water supply. Tnemec coatings, specifically designed and approved for potable water applications, were selected to meet the stringent requirements of the project.

Tnemec Coatings: Ensuring Water Safety and Tank Durability
The application of Tnemec coatings played a crucial role in safeguarding the water quality and ensuring the long-term durability of the WSU Potable Water Tank. Here's how Tnemec coatings provided a reliable protective solution for this important infrastructure:

NSF 600 Certification:
Tnemec coatings used for this project were NSF 600-approved, meeting the strict standards and requirements for use in contact with potable water. This certification ensures that the coatings are non-toxic, do not impart taste or odor, and do not contaminate the water supply. NSF 600 certification provides confidence in the safety and reliability of the potable water system.

Corrosion and Chemical Resistance:
The WSU Potable Water Tank is constantly exposed to water and potentially corrosive elements present in the environment. Tnemec Series 94-H20 Hydro-Zinc, offers exceptional corrosion resistance, protecting the tank structure from rust, degradation, and potential contamination. Additionally, Series 21 Epoxoline, was used as the intermediate, stripe and finish coat, and is resistant to chemicals commonly found in water treatment processes, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the tank.

Adhesion and Durability:
Tnemec coatings provide excellent adhesion to various substrates, including steel, ensuring a strong and long-lasting bond. Tnemec Coatings exhibit exceptional durability, withstand harsh weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, and physical stress. This durability minimizes the need for frequent maintenance and prolongs the lifespan of the tank.

UV Protection:
The WSU Potable Water Tank, being located in the Palouse, is exposed to extreme sunlight, which can lead to UV degradation of coatings and potential water quality issues. Tnemec Series 701 was specified for this project due to it's highly UV-resistant properties, protecting the tank's surfaces from UV radiation and minimizing the risk of coating deterioration. This long-term UV protection helps maintain the integrity of the coatings and ensures the preservation of water quality.  The tank owners can expect 25-30 years of corrosion protection using this high-end Tnemec Coating system.

"The WSU Potable Water Tank project highlights the importance of utilizing reliable and approved coatings to ensure the safety and longevity of water storage infrastructure", states Rick Gilbreath, with TNW Inc.  Tnemec coatings, with NSF 600 certification, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, adhesion, durability, and UV protection, played a vital role in protecting the potable water supply and maintaining the integrity of the tank structure. The successful application of Tnemec coatings in this project reinforces their effectiveness in meeting the demanding requirements of potable water applications, providing clean and reliable water to the Washington State University community.


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