Iron West Collection system

CPP Sprayliner by Epoxytec providing superior protection for collection systems.

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 Problems relating to Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) can wreak havoc on wastewater treatment plants, especially in smaller municipal systems. Additionally, the high level of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas that exists in waste streams is extremely corrosive and leads to early degradation of concrete and steel. There is a specific need in municipal collection systems (wet wells, vaults, manholes, etc.) for a particular grade of coatings. These structural grade epoxy coatings have extremely high compressive strength and can be sprayed at high film thickness to create long lasting barrier protection. Fiber reinforcement provides strength that allows structural grade epoxies to be less dependent on the substrate making small voids that are often found in manhole rehabilitation less problematic. Due to their superior strength, these coatings resist the infiltration of ground water that can be such a problem for wastewater plants. Structural grade epoxies are also very surface tolerant, meaning they can be applied to less than ideally prepared concrete and damp substrates. 

For over 30 years, Epoxytec has been providing superior protection for wastewater collections systems. CPP Sprayliner by Epoxytec is a 100% solids, high build lining for wastewater collection systems with extremely high strength and tenacious adhesion. So it is no wonder that the developers of the Iron West subdivision selected CPP Sprayliner to protect their assets. 

M2 Degan Epoxytec Banner 1 EditedTheir large wet well and 14 manholes were coated by Degan Construction in April of 2022. Eric Ogren, Vice President of Coatings at Degan, ensured the folks at Cedar City they selected the right partnership with Degan and Epoxytec. Superintendent Jorge Garcia ran the project flawlessly and raved "Spraliner is a great product." 

Their dedicated spray rig is constantly charged with CPP Sprayliner allowing Degan to provide rapid service to developers and municipalities and complete critical projects on time and within budget. Whether rehabilitation or new construction, CPP Sprayliner is a superior choice for coating collection systems. 

Contact us to learn more about protecting critical infrastructure and limiting the problems caused by I&I.



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