Central Arizona Shelter Services-CASS Restroom Remodel

When the CASS facility in Phoenix, AZ needed a bathroom remodel they selected high-performance, Tnemec wall and flooring systems.

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The restrooms & showers at the CASS facility in Phoenix, AZ were in desperate need of a remodel. The design-build team selected high performance Tnemec systems to complete the project. 

Coating shower floors with resinous flooring systems can offer several advantages, particularly in terms of aesthetics, durability, and hygiene. These systems are waterproof and seamless preventing water migration into the slab and adjacent areas. They are grout free making them easy to keep clean and reducing mold and bacterial growth in environments where cleanliness is essential. The system selected for the CASS shower floors begins with Series 241 Ultra-Tread MVT which is a polyurethane modified concrete coating that provides low moisture vapor transmission and durability. It is grouted with Tnemec Series 238 Power-Tread FC and top coated with Series 248 EverThane, an extremely abrasion and chemically resistant urethane top coat. 

Fiber-reinforced wall systems are designed to withstand the unique challenges posed by wet and humid environments like shower areas. The addition of fibers, such as fiberglass, enhances the coating's ability to resist cracking. In shower areas where temperature fluctuations and structural movement can occur, this crack resistance is valuable in maintaining the integrity of the wall coating. The Tnemec fiberglass reinforced wall coating systems begins with Series 215 Surfacing Epoxy to create a thick bedding layer the fiberglass is laid into. The saturant coat is a chemically resistant 100% solids epoxy, Series 280 Tneme-Glaze. It is always challenging to remodel a structure that is occupied with resinous coatings, and one of the most important factors is odor, especially when it comes to polyurethane finish coats. Tnemec Series 297 Enviro-Glaze was selected for this system due to it's superior stain resistance, abrasion resistance and low VOC content. 


The walls and floors outside the shower areas were also in need of refurbishment. Series 287 Enviro-Pox is a  low odor, rapid cure, wear-resistant coating for floors, walls and other substrates, capable of withstanding moderate commercial and industrial environments. It can withstand mild to moderate chemical and solvent exposures, as well as repeated cleaning. Series 297 was utilized as the topcoat throughout the rest of the CMU walls. 

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Contact us today to help specify the right floor and wall systems for your facility. 



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