pepsi bottling room floor

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Engineers for PepsiCo.'s bottling plane expansion in Tolleson AZ chose Ultra-Tread polyurethane concrete for superior resistance to thermal shock and abuse

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When PepsiCo. expanded its Gatorade bottling plant in Tolleson, AZ, engineers for the project capped off the facility's new interior floors and walls with protective coating systems from Tnemec. "They wanted coatings that could stand up to the thermal shock from hot water washdowns with aggressive detergents," recalled Tnemec coating consultant Eric Brackman. "And because the area was attached to the main building that operated 24/7, there couldn't be any odor from the coatings."

Approximately 45,000 square feet of poured concrete was prepared to receive the Tnemec Series 245 Ultra-Tread S polyurethane modified concrete floor topping. Series 245 is a low odor, flowable mortar that is designed to withstand thermal shock and provide excellent chemical resistance. Not only does it handle abuse, it is also formulated with antimicrobial properties so that it does not support bacteria or fungal growth which is critical in food and beverage facilities. 

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In addition to protecting the plant's floors, nearly 5,000 square feet of vertical walls are protected by Series 270 Stranlok. Stranlok is a fiberglass-reinforced epoxy designed to take the physical abuse and thermal shock of repeated cleanings and is resistant to a wide range of alkalis and acids. 

"The facility's managers could not believe how durable the floor was when they started rolling in equipment and welding it into place," Brackman added. "None of the welding sparks did any damage to the floor in any way. The owner was pleasantly surprised at how well it held up."

Specifying floor and wall coatings in food and beverage facilities can be tricky. At High Performance Coatings, we understand what is necessary from prep to completion for floors and walls that are durable and resist microbial growth. Get in contact with us for help selecting the right flooring system. 



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