Sky Terrace Condos Re-Visited in 2022

Coating Consultant:TNW, Inc.

The coating project and pictures show an 11 year old paint job with Tnemec Series 156, Enviro-Crete. The owners are thrilled and expect another 15 years.

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The Owners of Sky Terrance Condos were very interested in a long term solution to take care of their corrosion problem.  Being so close to the sound, with daily salt fog contact, previous coatings didn't last more than 8 years.  Flashings were severely rusted and the concrete coatings were dead and peeling from the substrate.  


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The owners group reached out to Scott McConnell with TNW, Tnemec for a coating recommendation.  "The substrate was in pretty rough shape", remarked Scott.  "The old elastomeric chalked and discolored pretty quickly, after only 9 years of service allowing mold and mildew to root in.  And the salty air was wreaking havoc on the steel".  


Once the coating specification was developed, it was a pretty quickly process to get the systems installed.  Using Tnemec Series 394, Perimeprime a unique zinc filled urethane, on the corrosion zones allowed the painter to move right into the Finish Coats, quickly and efficiently without sacrificing durability and performance.  


After the salt deposits were removed by power washing, 2-coats of Series 156 were applied.  Series 156, Enviro-Crete is a water-based acrylate, not to be confused with a simple acrylic elastomeric.  Enviro-Crete combines elasticity with adhesion, toughness, UV and water or moisture vapor resistance, which is a combination no other coating offers.


The picture above is 11 years old, and it looks like the day it was installed.  The colors are crisp and unfaded.  The owners couldn't be happier and expect another 15 years or longer before a refresh might be necessary.  


For a more detailed look at the many differences between Tnemec Series 156 and standard "Acrylic Elastomeric", FOLLOW THIS LINK.  If you need help with updating or revising your coating specification or if you want to discuss the differences and advantages of Series 156, Envirocrete, please reach out to High Performance Coatings, we are here to support!


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