Scottsdale Groundwater Treatment Facility

Coating Consultant:Southwest

When WaterWorks Engineers and the City of Scottsdale, AZ needed high performance coatings for secondary containment, they turned to Tnemec Company, Inc.

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The Thomas Groundwater Treatment Facility (TGTF) was built in 2020 by Archer Western Construction. When WaterWorks Engineers and the City of Scottsdale needed coatings for their secondary containment areas, they turned to Tnemec Company, Inc for their high performance systems. 

After much consideration of the chemicals used in their treatment process, the City of Scottsdale selected the Tnemec 239SC Chembloc ® mortar mat reinforced secondary containment system. With years of successful service in Arizona, this novolac  epoxy system was installed to provide superior chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. It was important to the City of Scottsdale to have a coating that has a proven track record. 

Thomas Rd 1

A O Painting, Inc was selected to apply this system due to their expertise and experience with secondary containment systems. They were able to conquer the challenges of applying coatings to concrete in the middle of an AZ summer by working nights and experienced no concrete outgassing. 

However, sometimes there are signs that a coating system just isn't right. Coating selection is not JUST about performance. It is also important that the applicator is qualified to apply the system. What happens when the low bid is the most important factor in completing a project? It is never too late, however but it is important to recognize when things are going south. Messy contracts and poor quality work are often to blame on the low bid selection process. When a quality system for superior protection is needed, it is just as important to select a quality applicator. In this situation, the GC and owner recognized the low bidder was not experienced enough to provide a High Performance coating system and made the switch in time to save the job. 


The design team didn't just rely on Tnemec Company, Inc for their high performance secondary containment system, they also chose to protect their structural steel with a superior epoxy primer from Tnemec. Series 135 is a surface tolerant epoxy coating that was chosen due to it's ability to be applied to minimally prepared steel. 

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The City of Scottsdale will continue to be pleased with the long term performance Tnemec Company, Inc provides with their high performance products. Contact us today to learn how we can ensure your pleasure for many years to come. 


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