South surprise wastewater facility

Want 20 years of performance in wastewater? Performance Matters, we have proof.

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Originally built in 2001, the Plant III 4.0MGD Expansion Facility was completed to deal with the explosive population growth in Surprise, AZ. Drawing on past experience with Tnemec coatings for plants I & II, it was logical to turn to local Tnemec coating consultants for guidance.  For the Plant III expansion, the wastewater bearing structures included the influent pumping wet well, influent channels, grit chamber and RAS\WAS pumping wet well. 


M2 Surprise SPA 1 Wetwell (Tnemec) Banner 1 Edited

For all concrete surfaces exposed to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas, Tnemec specified a three-coat system of Series 218 MortarClad (for resurfacing the prepared concrete), Series 434 Perma-Shield H2S at 1/8" DFT, and a topcoat of Series 435 Perma-Glaze at 15 mils DFT. The Perma-Shield line of products is uniquely designed to handle the rigors of wastewater service with high levels of H2S.  Performance Matters in severe environments like this, therefore product selection should be based upon standardized product testing and service performance history. Severe Wastewater Analysis Testing (read more about SWAT by clicking the link) provides the testing backbone to confidently specify Tnemec coatings. 

Fast forward 20 years to 2021 when the City of Surprise underwent another expansion and needed to refresh their existing assets. 

M2 Surprise SPA 1 Wetwell 4 Static Edited

After 20 years of service in the headspace of high levels of H2S gas, Series 434 was immaculate! After preparing the concrete for a surface preparation inspection, the third party inspector and Tnemec Coating Consultants were invited to observe the progress. The applicator complained that the existing Series 434 was "too hard to blast off the ceiling," and hoped to leave it in place. The above photo is from that meeting, and demonstrates the longevity in service provided by Tnemec coatings. Instructed to do so, the applicator took it back to sound substrate and re-applied the original specified system. 

Performance Matters, we have proof. Contact us today for help in proper coating selection. Tested for performance and proven longevity Tnemec coatings yield the lowest lifecycle cost, we can demonstrate long term savings with High Performance Coatings.


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