NDSU Peltier Complex

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Tnemec StrataShield floor & walls coatings for durability in hygienically controlled lab spaces.

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NDSU's new Peltier Complex will provide a new home for:

  • North Dakota State University (NDSU)
    • Cereal & Food Science
    • Bioprocessing Engineering
    • Animal and Meat Science
  • Northern Crops Institute (NCI)
  • North Dakota Trade Office (NDTO)
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Hard Spring and Durum Wheat Quality Laboratory

NDSU Cereal and Food Science includes research in hard spring wheat, durum, barley, and other small grains.  From the initial receiving and evaluation of the grain itself to the development of final food products such bread and pasta, the Peltier Complex provides laboratory and processing space for each step from the field to the table.


In addition, The Peltier Complex provides a new home for the Northern Crops Institute (NCI).  NCI is a collaborative effort among MN, MT, ND, and SD to support the promotion and market development of crops grown in the four-state region.  NCI – and the Peltier Complex – also serve as an international meeting and learning center that brings together customers, commodity traders, technical experts, and processors for discussion, education, and technical services. The Peltier Complex will be a global destination for agricultural product development and education.


One of the key processing spaces for the facility are the milling rooms. There are several rheology laboratories in the Peltier Complex and each evaluates dough for baking.

  • The NDSU Animal and Meat Science programs will have new receiving, staging, and processing spaces, allowing for increased efficiency and expanded research. There will also be a shared classroom specifically designed to allow for meat science education.
  • With several different programs and organizations, the goal is to link researchers, learners, and the research itself to one another. The building will include shared meeting and huddle rooms, office and work spaces that combine faculty, staff, and students from multiple departments and programs, and a shared sensory kitchen and dining space.

The total square footage that QCT is doing at the Peltier Complex in Fargo, ND for Tnemec StrataShield products is 20,000 of Series 245 Ultra Tread S and 45,000 in Series N222 Deco-Tread. Also, Series 215 Surfacing Epoxy and Series 287 Enviro-Pox were applied to the concrete blocks for seamless coating protection.

Peltier Complex

Tnemec Series 245 Ultra-Tread S



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